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– Universal hard-fine machining for small and medium batch sizes

Unbelievably convincing.

  • Flexible multifunction turret for high precision hard turning, grinding and measuring applications
  • Ideal for small to medium sized batches of shafts and chucking components with a centre width of up to 1,800 mm (70.8″) and a centre height of 350 mm (13.7″)
  • Natural granite machine bed for high dynamic rigidity and thermal stability
  • Tailstock with hydrostatic bearing ensures constantly precise machining results
  • Target tolerances achieved faster thanks to intuitive operating interface DVS Ucee
  • Footprint of only 7 m² (75.3 ft²) respectively 8.5 m² (91.5 ft²) including cooling & filtration system

Applications. Grinding & turning. External & internal.

DVS UGrind: Grinding & turning. External & internal.

The DVS UGrind combines complete hard-fine machining in one machine. Turning, measuring and grinding applications on external and internal surfaces can be performed in one work cycle. For example, various fit seats can be turned and ground without tool change with a high degree of precision in one single clamping. Since the workpiece is only clamped once, set-up times are reduced and reclamping faults are avoided.

Multifunction Turret. Flexible, fast & precise.

DVS UGrind: Multifunction Turret. Flexible, fast & precise.

The multifunctional DVS UGrind tool turret guarantees maximum flexibility and precision for machining.

With an action radius of 270 degrees, processes such as internal and external grinding, face grinding, cone grinding or various hard turning processes are completed efficiently with maximum precision.

An optional measuring probe integrated into the multifunction turret controls machining until the final dimension is reached. Time-consuming manual work such as remeasuring or successive feed is eliminated. This significantly reduces the overall machining time.

DVS UCee operating system. Easy & intuitive.

DVS UGrind: DVS UCee operating system. Easy & intuitive.

The DVS UGrind can be operated simply and efficiently using the DVS UCee operating system. In just a few steps and without in-depth programming knowledge being necessary, machining processes can be prepared via the control touchscreen. First of all, the workpiece geometries, required machining areas and tool parameters are defined. Then all the operator has to do is select a machining cycle, and machining is started at the push of a button. The fast and simple operation saves a great deal of time, allowing more items to be produced at lower costs in the same period of time.

Alternatively, the geometry data and tool assignment can be preparedat the PC and transferred to the machine by USB or Ethernet interface. The Ethernet connection also makes it possible to integrate the DVS UGrind in digitalised production networks.

The various machining programs are stored with the aid of the integrated workpiece management feature and can thus be retrieved directly at any time.

Design. Modern, compact & robust.

DVS UGrind: Design. Modern, compact & robust.

With a footprint of just 7m² (75.3 ft²) respectively 8.5 m² (91.5 ft²), the DVS UGrind combines state-of-the-art design, the most efficient technologies for hard-fine machining and sturdy set-up. The compactness of the DVS UGrind is based on its integrated cooling and filtration system. This provides a closed system, without requiring additional floor space.

The DVS UGrind has a natural granite machine bed to damp vibration. The thermally stable construction guarantees optimum reproducibility of the desired surface quality.

The simplicity of the DVS UGrind is convincing during loading, too. Loading canbe either manual or by crane in the case of heavy parts. The magnetic chuck makes precise clamping of the work piece easier and provides free access to all the surfaces to be machined. For medium-sized batch production, the DVS UGrind can be equipped with various automation solutions. Depending on the requirements, robot arms or gantry loaders can be used for this.

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